A picture can say a thousand words, but our videos can make you millions.

We leverage the industry’s most powerful aerial photo and video technology to meet the commercial real estate needs of our clients worldwide. Aerial footage can sell commercial real estate in a way that static images can’t and can be an indispensable tool for buyers working hard to find the best commercial space for their budget.

As much as interior space and design are critical, the surrounding area is equally as important to gain a well-rounded understanding of any commercial space, and our fleet of commercial-grade drones will provide this information in Ultra HD photos and videos in a cost-effective way not otherwise possible.

  • Capture factors such as proximity to major roadways, transport, water, amenities, parks, privacy.
  • Provide pre-construction views from each floor of the building as a demonstrative exhibit for your clients, offering a uniquely powerful marketing and sales tool.
  • 360 panoramic views can be stitched into images or videos to display on your platforms for clients to see what kind of views they can expect.
  • Create professional 90-second videos of your commercial property to showcase to clients providing stunning video shots from overhead and detailed close-ups even in the most crowded city sites.
  • Multiple vantage points provide an extremely precise look to perform detailed building aerial inspections of points you could not reach any other way.
  • Give your client confidence that their project is being completed as scheduled with Ultra HD digital records of construction.

This all comes at a fraction the cost of manned aircraft photography and these manned aircraft often have far greater restrictions in comparison to drones. Our commercial-grade drone technology takes steady shots from lower vantage points to allow focus on specific details, or from up high to see the bigger picture of the surrounding area. You save thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses while coming out with breathtaking aerial photography and videography for commercial real estate that will blow your clients away.