A construction project begins with a work plan that includes a budget, a schedule, and an engineered approach designed to complete the project in the most effective manner. We will work to ensure that the construction is completed on time and on budget.

Aerial drones will bring a profoundly new look and feel to any stage of your construction project with powerful tools that not only save time and money, but add value to your project management team in ways that have never been possible before.

Take advantage of what we can offer:

  • Ultra HD aerial photographs and Ultra HD aerial videos of areas that you can’t access otherwise and at a substantially less expensive cost than using a helicopter or plane.
  • Amplify your bidding stage with HD photos and video that provide your estimator with an excellent overview of your project, helping to identify features not seen from the ground.
  • Identify surface contamination on your construction projects with low altitude photographs.
  • Keep track of how your construction activity will affect the surrounding properties, and help ensure that the original conditions are kept the way they are meant to be.
  • Extract geo maps and topographical information so that you have all the detail to complete your project the way you want to.
  • Before, after and completion record keeping with aerial photography of your construction site to protect you from potential warranty issues later on.
  • Monitor construction progress off-site with schedule site inspections uploaded to the cloud.
  • Final completion photos and videos give you and your team a sense of achievement with the added value of showcase potential.

If you are looking to save time and money while receiving professional aerial perspectives of your construction projects, give Drone Video Hire a call.