Aerial photographs and aerial video of your golf course will carve out an edge of detail unlike any other type of imagination capturing photography.

Engage your customer’s emotions with visually breathtaking photos and videos of your golf course from perspectives unachievable from the ground. Showcase your entire golf course and facilities in their totality and in a way that will beckon your customers to experience what you have to offer.

Photos and videos can easily be integrated into your current or future marketing projects. Our team has a breadth of experience with marketing golf courses and would be thrilled to partner with your existing teams.

We love to golf and we love getting creative!

  • Provide your golf course with promotional videos from a bird’s eye view or swooping low to the ground to display the beauty of your freshly cut greens.
  • Lead golfers around the course hole-by-hole and show them what they can expect when they arrive.
  • Capture special events held at your course from tournaments to weddings with our non-intrusive drones taking Ultra HD aerial photos and video while your event goes exactly as planned.
  • Take stock of your course condition with our normalized difference vegetative index (NDVI) imaging, giving you a cost effective turf management tool to help keep your course looking beautiful.
  • Embed geo referenced mosaic images into Google Earth. People looking at your property from Google will be able to get the best idea of what your course has to offer.

We can fly anywhere from a foot of the ground to 400 feet, giving us the freedom to focus on specific detail points or the bigger picture. Save thousands of dollars in expenses while achieving higher quality photographs and video due to the commercial-grade stabilization technology in all our drones.

We would love to answer any questions you may have, call anytime!