Aerial drones are setting a new standard in auctioneers marketing. There are only so many ways you can put pictures of property on the Internet, but drones finally provide the experience that gets consumers really excited!

With so many auctioneers in Ireland and Munster alone, uniqueness is needed to grab the attention of buyers and allow them to see properties in new captivating imagery. Drones will give you that “wow factor” you are looking for.

Buyers want to learn about the area surrounding their property as much as they want to learn about the property itself. It’s a completely different perspective, showing them where real estate is situated in the context of the whole road, village or town.

Our real estate aerial photography and video will quickly illustrates factors such as:

  • Proximity to water
  • Amenities
  • Schools
  • Major transport
  • General feel of an area (is it covered in trees, or industrial buildings?)
  • Privacy
  • Parks

Auctioneers & Real Estate agents all over the world are embracing the use of real estate aerial photography to sell homes and properties, especially useful for “showings” to potential out-of-town buyers.

It’s not uncommon for someone to purchase a house without even seeing it. Aerial drones provide an enhanced look at real estate for sale, giving them a lay of the land without having to be there in person.

  • Capture perfect ground sweeping real estate aerial photography and highlighted views from all angles
  • Add a voice over video description of your property listing or music to your taste
  • Include your businesses logo proving to your clients that you offer them the best there is
  • Keep your business ahead of the curve by embracing drone technology.

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